ABC House
ABC House is a non-profit Children’s Advocacy Center working with children, youth, and their families to overcome the crisis of abuse and neglect.

For nearly 25 years, ABC House has provided a continuum of comprehensive services to over 10,000 children and their families. To date, we are the only agency providing child abuse assessment and support services for Benton and Linn counties.

ABC House Mission: We work to break the cycle of child abuse and neglect, supporting children as they find their voice and helping children and families heal and thrive.

ABC House Vision: We envision a world in which every child has the opportunity to be happy, healthy and safe; parents and caregivers understand the impact of their actions on children, and our community actively and vocally stands up to child abuse and neglect.

Community Prevention Trainings

We believe that prevention education is the key to ending child abuse. ABC House offers a comprehensive community outreach program that includes a variety of training topics. 

Programs targeting adult professionals and community members focus on preventing, identifying, and responding to concerns of child abuse; school presentations educate students on ways to stay safer. Be a hero and learn how to report abuse and how to keep children safe on the internet and social media by attending a free training or scheduling one for your company/business/group.

Medical Exam
Our physicians are child abuse experts and remain supportive, objective, and neutral throughout the child's head-to-toe exam. Equally important, children have the opportunity to ask questions about how the abuse may have affected their bodies and development, and to receive reassurance from our trained staff.

Child-Friendly Forensic Interview
Forensic interviews are legally justifiable, fact-finding interviews with a child conducted by professionals trained in talking to children to obtain accurate and objective information. The purpose of a digitally recorded forensic interview is to reduce the number of times children need to share their experiences.

Trauma Counseling
ABC House counselors specialize in trauma treatment to help children and their family members process what has happened to them and move forward. Children learn strategies to help them manage their fear or feelings of being out-of-control when remembering abusive events and to focus on their own strengths and abilities. These services are offered as long as they are needed.

Family Advocacy & Support Services
Families receive support to help them cope with the discovery of abuse and navigate at a time when their lives have turned upside-down. Family Support Advocates provide families with information to help non-offending caregivers understand the child abuse assessment and investigation processes, as well as help, identify and connect them to any other needs or resources.